List Stream Hours (V3)

This endpoint will retrieve stream hour data for your property.

Using "time slice" filters for Stream Hours

If you want to filter by time slice, you must include all 3 of the following filters:
filters[time_slice_start_date_gt] (or filters[time_slice_start_date_gte])
filters[time_slice_end_date_lt] (or filters[time_slice_end_date_lte])

Time slice filters are only available under the /v3/stream_hours endpoint

Grouping By "all"

Grouping by all will use all possible group_by[]'s to query for the most granular data. In doing this, responses are often too large to be returned via API, so they must be delivered via CSV and email.

When you use group_by[] = all, you. must also specify an email_address for the results to be delivered to.

When grouping by "all", filters are still taken into account.
Group by all is only available under the /v3/stream_hours endpoint
The download link is for a csv.gz file. Make sure that you download it in a browser that doesn't automatically unzip files, such as Chrome. From there, run `gunzip <path_to_file> in your terminal.

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