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The full URL will look like[video_id].[format]. The format for the player response must be one of Iframes, JavaScript or JSON players
depending on device capabilities (Example: html, js, json). Use a consumer's access token or your site's API/App/Player keys to authenticate this call.

Zype's Dynamic Player Technology will automatically detect which device you are requesting a player from and deliver players based on your configured player rules.

Web Players

For web-based players like desktop, iOS, and Android browsers the Player API will return a JavaScript or Iframe player response that can be used to embed the player on a web page. For web-based players no additional integration is required.

Native Players

For native devices like iOS, Android, and OTT set-top boxes, the Player API will return a JSON player response that can be used to play your videos. The JSON player response will include everything you need to play your video, including media files, advertising schedules, and subtitles.

Developers need to specify User-Agent for all requests that are coming from Native Players.

Android (Native)zype android
Apple TVzype tvos
Amazon Fire TVAmazonWebAppPlatform
iOS Nativecfnetwork
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