Video Entitlements

Allow your consumers to access your video content with the Zype platform.

The Zype platform provides a rich set of features for managing how your consumers are granted or denied access to your video content. SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD monetization models can be granularly configured using Global and Tiered Subscriptions, Purchase/Rental, Pass Plans, and Geo Targeting with Content rules.


Zype offers simple payment integrations and subscription building flows enabling you to build predictable recurring revenue streams through a premium subscription model. Subscribers of global subscription plans can access all video content in your Zype property, whereas subscribers of tiered subscription plans can only access a subset of your content.

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Pass Plans

Pass plans allow you to make a group of desired content available for a pre-determined set of time with a one-time purchase.

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Purchase & Rental

Using Zype's simple payment processor integrations, you can easily setup purchase and rental paywalls over your video content.

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Geo Targeting with Content Rules

Content rules allow you to set specific access policies for your content. You can set rules on a playlist, category, or per video basis.

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